Saving the Bees!

On December 21st Beekeepers from the Santa Barbara Beekeepers Association (SBBA) were determined to save a hive of bees. The bees escaped from a failed extermination attempt and created a beautiful exposed hive 30 feet in the air.

The hive consisted of 5000 bees and 12 piece of amazing comb hanging off a 6-inch horizontal branch. The bees had been in a safe and warm tree hollow but now they were in trouble exposed to wind and cold. They were also low on honey. Please see SBBA’s blog for additional photos and information.

The height would have a problem but Chris from Branch Out Tree Care loaned the beekeepers use of his bucket truck. The lift allowed the beekeeper to get up to the hive to perform a cutout. A cutout is were the hive is carefully removed from its current location piece by piece and reassembled in a standard beehive then moved to a new location. SBBA can remove almost any hive in any location.



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