Tanga to start producing honey, sugar from sisal

Tanga Region will soon start to produce honey and sugar from sisal, thanks to the initiatives from the Tanzania Sisal Board (TSB) and a US based company, Tierra Group, for improving the economy and create more jobs.

Already the board has started talks with the American form which could see investment in production of honey and special sugar and could up utilisation of the sisal plant beyond the current nine per cent.

Speaking here last week the TSB senior officer dealing with Quality Control, Yunus Mssika, said the firm is a leading importer and exporter of premium agave-based products, providing customers around the world with authentic syrups.

He said the talks were at an advanced stage centred on the possibilities of establishing industries to produce special sugar which would help to encourage sisal farming, raise the economic status of the country and increase employment.Image

Honey and sugar produced from insulin (special sugar) seems to be the latest health food craze around the world and, according to TSB, it is good for people with diabetes.

He said that insulin is one of the new products that TSB and its partners exhibited to people who attended the two-day exhibition as part of the Mkonge Day activities held in Muheza District last week.

For his part, Gilead Kissaka, an official from Katani Limited, said production of power from biogas from sisal waste utilises only 30 per cent of the gas with the remaining being lost as heat.

“Using the gas for cooking is more beneficial. We’ll demonstrate use of the gas, packed in special bags, for cooking,” he said.

The chairman of Mkonge Day Preparation and Promotion Committee, Lai Mpuma, said the celebrations were held as part of an intensive programme by sisal stakeholders to promote sisal farming in Tanzania.



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