No sweet end for Boggabri bees


NELSON’S Honey Factory at Boggabri has been devastated after finding thousands of bees dead in front of their hives during a recent routine inspection.

Marlene Nelson and her son John have been running the factory since the death of Marlene’s husband Michael in 2007.

“We had all our bees in and around Boggabri, so we could keep a close eye on them because of the severe drought that all primary producers are going through,” Marlene said.

“There has been no honey produced anywhere close for some time so we left the hives full of honey gathered months ago for them to survive on.”

Marlene has contacted the NSW Environment Protection Authority to help try and determine the cause of death, and  said it is looking into the matter.

She has also kept a number of bees for testing.

John Nelson said it will be many months before they can build their bee population again, depending on the spring.

The family downsized the operation after Michael’s death but still supply to local outlets in the region, including Gunnedah, Boggabri, Narrabri, Barraba and Tamworth – this will be severely reduced until the hives are built up again.


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