People told to prepare for a bumper year for wasps

Wasps Destroyed 07787758033

Wasps Destroyed 07787758033

People are being warned about an invasion of aggressive, hungry wasps due to swarm our way.

Just a few weeks after the UK was left reeling from a plague of flying ants, thousands of wasps are expected to swarm gardens up and down the country.

Scientists believe that June and July’s dry start provided the perfect breeding conditions for the insects, leading to a population boom.

Now, as September starts, and the weather begins to cool, this huge army of insects will be out in force trying to find enough to eat.

As the weather cools, the queens go into hibernation to get ready for building a new nest the spring and the ‘worker’ wasps are left to fend for themselves.

This is why, over the next four weeks, Brits can expect to see huge numbers of the creatures hovering around that sugary beer or early September picnic or gorging off ripe fruit on trees.

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