Bee Friendly, say Charlton Manor pupils as they march to raise awareness

Charlton Manor Pupils

Up to 60 children from Charlton Manor primary school have marched to save the bees.

The year six Bee Friendly march – organised by the school’s new campaigns group and supported by Friends of the Earth – took place on Friday, October 16 in Charlton Village, Charlton Park and the streets around the Indus Road school.

Campaigns group member Daisy Thackrah, 11, said: “We’re doing it to make people more aware of the threats to bees and what can be done to save them.

Adopt A Hive

Adopt A Hive

“We interviewed Sion Williams, from Friends of the Earth, on Charlton Manor News and he made it clear how serious the situation is.”

“It’s really great to see children getting together to show how much they care for the bees and it’s a great example of people power, which is what Friends of the Earth is really all about.”

Charlton Manor School keeps bees, and many children and staff are trained as bee keepers to extract honey and sell it from the school’s tuck shop.

In cooking lessons, they use honey in their recipes, and in geography, they learn how different parts of the world make use of bees.


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