Amateur wasp nest removal ends with scorched roof

Amateur wasp nest removal ends with scorched roof

A Nelson man trying to get rid of a wasp nest in his roof ended up setting fire to his house.

The Nelson Fire Service were called to a house in The Brook about 3pm on Sunday.

Nelson Fire Service senior station officer Gavin Scott said the man had a problem with a paper wasp nest underneath the ridge cap of his roof, near the gutter.

“He didn’t have any fly spray so he used a flammable solvent and ignited it.”

Scott said the man used CRC contact cleaner on the nest, which once ignited set fire to the building paper and part of the roof.

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The man had put the fire out himself by the time the fire service arrived, but Scott said there was a bit of fire damage to the house so firefighters remained on scene to ensure it was fully extinguished.

Firefighters also removed the rest of the nest from the roof.

“He mostly took care of the wasps nest, but there were still wasps around.”

Scott said it was larger than other paper wasp nests he had seen, about 100mm long and 75mm wide.

“It’s the first time we have had someone trying to get rid of a wasp nest in the roof but I have heard of it happening in other places.”

He said it was a reminder to people to always use the appropriate means to exterminate wasps.

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