Swarm of 3,000 angry wasps sting grandmother

Swarm of 3,000 angry wasps sting grandmother

‘It was like something out of a horror movie’: Swarm of 3,000 angry wasps sting grandmother repeatedly after their nest falls through her ceiling

A grandmother was stung all over her body when a nest of 3,000 angry wasps fell through the ceiling and on to her head.

Sheila Bell, from Easton, near Newbury, Berks, was stung dozens of times on her face, neck, chest, shoulders and hands as she tried frantically to beat off the insects swarming all over her body.

Husband Sam Bell said his wife had noticed a strange mark on the ceiling of the upstairs TV room, where Mrs Bell and their daughters and grandchildren were playing.

wasp nest

They had invited their daughters Emily Graham and Olivia Bacon, along with grandchildren 18-month-old Freddie and eight-week-old Molly to spend the day with them.

Mr Bell said: ‘When Sheila reached up and touched the mark, the ceiling crumbled and this huge nest of wasps fell straight down on to her head.’

Brave Mrs Bell shouted at her daughters and grandchildren to run for cover as she was repeatedly stung by the wasps as they covered her body and tried to fly inside her mouth.

Nearly fainting from the pain and shock, she managed to help her daughter grab Freddie who managed to escaped downstairs, while baby Molly was was rushed into the next room with the door slammed shut.

Mrs Bell said: ‘It was terrifying. They were all in my hair and I was stung countless times on the head, neck, shoulders, torso and hands.

‘I can’t count them all – there’s at least ten stings on just one hand.’

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue and pest control experts were called to try help the family escape their house.

Ms Graham and her son Freddie were helped into a protective suit and led down her stairs.

wasps tree destroyed preston

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And baby Molly had to be passed through a tiny window by her mother into the arms of a firefighter who carried her down a ladder to safety.

Rod Smith, of Humane Pest Control Solutions, arrived to deal with the nest and the thousands of wasps that were flying loose in the house.

He said: ‘It’s amazing and so lucky that nobody was seriously hurt.

‘It was like something out of a horror movie.

‘It does happen that wasps get into a roof space and extend their nests in any small gap until the bedroom ceiling is paper thin.

‘It seems I’m dealing with nothing but wasp nests lately.’

Paramedics took Sheila to West Berkshire Community Hospital for treatment for dozens of stings but incredibly her family were not hurt.

Mr Smith said: said ‘She was stung all over her body and there was concern over possible anaphylactic shock.’

The grandmother was given emergency treatment and painkillers but was allowed home from hospital.

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