Massive wasps’ nest found in Llandrindod Wells attic

Wasps nest Llandrindod Wells attic

A pest controller who discovered a nest with scores of wasps at a home in Llandrindod Wells has described it as “one of the biggest” he’s seen this year.

Klint Pickering of Rhayader-based Mid Wales Pest Control was called out to inspect the wasp infestation at a property in Llandrindod Wells after the owner found more than 150 wasps in her bathroom.

The wasps’ home grew from April to around 4ft in November due to the summer heatwave which has been perfect for wasps to thrive, Mr Pickering said.

“You do see some sights with this job,” he said. “It’s like detective work. Every day is different.”

Wasps Llandod

The wasps’ nest found in the attic was chopped up and filled two bin bags

After treating it with insecticide powder, the nest was broken up with a spade then filled two bin bags. Mr Pickering said it took two days to remove it.

Normally he treats around 100 wasps’ nests per season, but this summer’s heatwave and very little rainfall has been the ideal conditions for larger nests.

wasps tree destroyed preston

wasps destroyed preston 07787758033

“They’re very protective of the queen, so they feel threatened if you go near a nest.

“A lot of people get stung, then they ring me to sort it out. I’m a bit like a superhero!”

So far this year, he’s been called out to Llangammarch Wells to help a farmer who found thousands of wasps at his farm, and another incident involving more than a thousand wasps in the bedroom of a 96-year-old man.

“That was a very stressful situation for him to deal with,” Mr Pickering said.

Surprisingly, Mr Pickering has only been stung by a wasp once this year.

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